Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage

To save your marriage after an affair will be one of the hardest things that you will ever have to face in your life.  The sense of betrayal, the loss of respect, the humiliation and not to mention the loss of innocence are all obstacles that you have to face.  In many cases, an affair by one of the parties is enough to end the marriage and that’s not surprising.  Cheating on your partner is probably the worst thing you could do to someone you are supposedly in love with.

Tips To Save Your Marriage After An Affair

When the entire situation is out in the open and there is genuine remorse, then it becomes a matter of whether you want to save your marriage or not.

Getting over obsessive and haunting images of your spouse and cheating is a necessary step to save your marriage after an affair.  These images keep coming back like a horror movie in your head, causing loss of sleep, decreased appetite and even difficulty focusing and performing simple daily tasks.  If this is how you feel, you are not alone.  However, to save your marriage you must overcome these awful images so you can get your life back and start the healing process after an affair.

If you want to make your spouse fall back in love with you again, you have to be calm and mature in handling your marriage problem.  To save your marriage will require you to treat your spouse with respect.  Learn to acknowledge their changing feelings and instead of getting sad over the problems, accept it and move on with a positive attitude.  If you can do that, your spouse will start to see a different light in you.

To save your marriage you must learn how to accept change.  Many times, most people when they realize the person that they love is beginning to fall out of love from them, they try harder to make them see they are wrong in leaving them.  They begin to show desperation by begging, crying or even threatening the spouse by talking about committing suicide.  Such behaviors will only serve to push the spouse away and make the reconciliation chance lower.

Save Your MarriageTake a look back at your relationship and consider whether there were any happy moments and how far between they were.  If you can hardly remember the time you were genuinely happy together, then perhaps your marriage is not worth saving.  On the other hand, if you can positively say that you were happy together before the cheating muddied the water then there is a high chance of salvaging your relationship and even getting closer than you used to be.

When the entire situation is out in the open and there is genuine remorse, then it becomes a matter of whether you want to save your marriage or not.  This is where the power of forgiveness enters the situation.  Asking for forgiveness is essential and in the circumstances, quite easy to do for the offending party.  The really difficult part is actually being able to forgive someone for cheating on them.  It takes a special person to be able to do this and the offending party will have to thank their lucky stars if they were in fact forgiven for the indiscretion.

Project: Happily Ever After: Saving Your Marriage When the Fairytale Falters

Project: Happily Ever After: Saving Your Marriage When the Fairytale Faltersby Alisa Bowman

What do you do when your marriage is so unhappy that you begin to fantasize about your husband’s funeral?  That’s how bad it got for Alisa Bowman. . . So she launched a last-ditch effort to save her marriage.  Project: Happily Ever After is her fearlessly honest and humorous account of how she went from being a “divorce daydreamer” to renewing her wedding vows —and all of the steps in between.  From bikini waxes to erotica, romance instruction manuals to second honeymoons, the silent treatment to power struggles, she goes where many marriage-improvement gurus have feared to tread.  Equal parts funny, poignant, and most importantly, useful, Bowman’s story will give other miserably-married folks courage and hope.  And in addition to telling her own story, she packs straightforward prescriptive guidance, including a “10-Step Marital Improvement Guide.”  Readers will laugh.  They’ll cry.  And they can start on the road toward their own happy ending!



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